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Jeff Zaffino Photography

Aspiring photographer based in Denver, Colorado

Hi ! I'm Jeff Zaffino and I thank you for visiting the site.

I am a husband, father, full time Paramedic and aspiring photographer.

I never set out to become a photographer, in fact I had absolutely no idea how much the magic of capturing stunning images would appeal to me until late in life.

It started for me when I moved to Colorado, and a friend of mine was telling about the 54 mountains in Colorado that tower over 14,000 feet (affectionately referred to as 14ers). She detailed for me how many people aspire to climb all 54, but also indicated that most who attempt this quest ultimately fail. Those that me know me realize that was like throwing down the gauntlet for me and I went directly to REI and purchased hiking and climbing gear.

As I started hiking I carried a Sony point and shoot camera and I would take images on my hikes, more to document my travels than to actually take pretty pictures. By the time I had done my 5th 14er I began to realize how truly blessed I am to live in such a beautiful part of the country. As more and more people commented on the snapshots I was taking on my hikes, I began to realize how much I wanted to use my camera to actually transport them to the wondrous places I was visiting. That's when the "shutterbug" (see what I did there ;) ) bit me and I was hooked.

What used to be plan a trip and take pictures of pretty things along the way slowly morphed into planning trips to take pictures.  My eye and my ability to use the camera slowly evolved as well.

These days I strive to capture the wonder and awesome beauty of the places I visit. My goal is to transport you into the images I capture.  My sincerest hope is that you can simply "walk into" one of my photos and feel what I was feeling as I pressed the shutter. 

Please feel free to contact me via the "contact me" link or one your favorite social media platform. (HINT: You'll find me most often and get the best response from Facebook.)

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